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Bow Wow & Soulja Boy - Marco polo [OmEga]

il y a 9 ans14.5K views



Marco Polo Lyrics


Soulja boy Tellem

Yeah and the boy Bow Wow in the buildin (haha]

My swag to official man
(i mean so is my swag]
Yall cant catch upp

Ay Bow what yu rocking tho my nigga?

New jeans shop(check]
Yellow Lamborgini(bow]
BBC shirt with a fresh pair of jeans (wow]
black card spending when i hit the mall(stuntin]
you cant catch me.
Im so ahead of yall (it`sz]
Marco Polo(12x] Polo

Bow Wow:
See imma stunt when i want to (ok]
Niggas cant get wit me (nah]
And my garage just look like Duplont Registry (yeah]
And yeah i get that cake, i get that cake, jus like a bakery (cash]
Ohio in this thang hoe
you know aint no faking me(okay]
200 for dha lamb (damn]
Half a mill for da Maybach
I dont even drive see my shoufer he handle dat
-But what about the hoes bow?-
I keep em on deck
S.O.D Money Gang
L.B.W we up next
And if it aint about no money
then i aint talking to ya
fake niggasz dont last long
we see right thru ya (true story]
and nigga fuck a Jacob
i just iced out the mula (bling]
plus ya girl like me
and she say i'm way cuter
and she like my

Gucci bandana(check]
Louis V letters(check]
keep on looking theres no l am better
Air force ones
mixed wit da new jays
you cant catch me im too far away