Sri Lanka: A Terrorist in the Family

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BY Beate Arnestad

The resulting film, "My Daughter the Terrorist," is believed to be the first time any selected suicide bombers have spoken on film about their training and motivations. In this version for FRONTLINE/World, we see a portion of the full-length feature along with director Arnestad discussing what it was like to make it.

The film introduces Dharshika and Puhalchudar, two 24-year-old women who have been living, training and fighting side-by-side for the past seven years. They are part of the Black Tigers, and are prepared to strap Claymore mines to their chests and blow up themselves and anyone within 100 feet of them to benefit their cause.

"When we have no bullets left and can't do anything, we have our cyanide capsules," Dharshika said, revealing the small glass cylinder filled with cyanide that both she and Puhalchudar wear around their necks.

Gradually, the film shares some of Dharshika's troubled past, and her personal reasons for fighting with the Tamil Tigers become apparent. She left home and joined the group before she even became a teenager.

-- Matthew Vree
Source :Front Line World

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