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    Goofy Awkward Kids Trying to Date in High School Old Movie

    When the Lincoln Junior High Teen Club decides to sponsor a dance, George, an insecure youngster, must take the plunge into the world of dating. Fortunately, he and his group of buddies all manage to find dates to the Winter Frolic! Thus begins a classic 1950’s social etiquette film on dating. The group of kids in this movie represents the varied emotional and physical development that exists in George's age group. This film presents a somewhat realistic view of the limited nature of social interaction between young teens, but also includes some unintentionally funny moments (like how George’s date is a full foot taller than him). Studs Terkel even makes a cameo as a helpful swimming teacher. On the whole, Beginning to Date provides a healthy dose of retro culture, fun, and goofiness from a socially structured era in American history.