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    YOUTUBE POOP: Duck Vs. Diesel! (Part 1)


    by SmurfyDan

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    11th YouTube Poop is here and it's better than any of my other YT Poops I made from months ago!

    This time, Focus Duck and Diesel's Endless Rivalry on the Island of Sodor

    Enjoy! :)

    Diesel arrived on Sodor, Being as we know Oily as usual and Duck is really jealous and went to get away, But Diesel is still following him.

    After that, Diesel boasts about All the Diesels like him were Revolutionary and This is where their Rivalry started!

    With Duck challanges Diesel to Pull the Trucks of (A V word which I dont want to say because it would be offensive and Rude) and when Diesel tried to pull them away, He was really pissed off and made an angry violent bashing and bumping to the Trucks!

    As Diesel couldnt pull them, He was annoyed and tell Duck of what happened, but He told him to F*** off and went away. When the clean up is started, the Trucks laughing at Duck's Game on Diesel, They started a Remix song by themselves and after that Diesel is really pissed off and wanted to pay Duck out!

    Meanwhile, Little Miss Daredevil was excited about Rollin' Rock on his Spider-Ball Ride, but Mr Persnickity isnt interested and was showing off until He landed himself in trouble in the end.


    NOTE: All Things were Copyrighted to their Respected Owners