Ferraris For All

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In this report economist and journalist Daniel Ben Ami, discusses what he calls “Caveman Equality.” He reminds us that in the Stone Age we were “all pretty equal …and dirt poor”. This caveman logic needs to be rejected, he argues, and instead we should fight for Ferraris for all.

This report features on WORLDbytes, the online magazine news channel created by WORLDwrite volunteers. It aims to get behind the headlines and promote a people-first perspective on a wide-range of issues; the programme’s credo is “don’t shout at the telly, change the message on it”. See:


Whilst I think it is important to analyse why growth sceptics are sceptical Daniel has not persueded me to buy into his arguments. There is poverty in the world because of inequality. Economic growth does not lead to prosperity (whether you takes this in economic or more holistic terms). Some people are poor because other people are rich. David is right that we need an economic transformation; but not the kind he is talking about. Redistribution of wealth does not have to eqaute to telling other people how to live their lives or saying that they do not have the right to economic growth. Redistribution of wealth is concurrent with redistribution of power so that ‘developing’ counties can decide what they consider to be prosperous. I credit Daniel for his polemical nature and for making those who do not follow his views re-consider their own beliefs.
By fcarnibella 4 years ago
Great discussion about growth sceptism. Daniel Ben Ami explains in a good and very comprehensible way the benefits of economic growth. Moreover, he states that a lot of people say that their are for economic growth but their in fact not real supporters as there are to many buts in their arguments for economic growth. And the best example he gives and that proably each person can unterstand is that : our having less will not make the poor richer. And that is one of the most important ones.
By KatjaMuellers1 4 years ago
Very interesting. 'Ferraris for All' or 'Crappy Cart for All'? I know what I'd want given the choice and opportunity. Why can't everyone think this way? Be a much better world for everyone if they did. Well done WORLDwrite.
By doddycaz 6 years ago