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    The Wall vs Sid


    by Maffew

    The Wall - IS - WALKING!!

    Sid Vicious - IS - ALSO - WALKING!!! Did Tony just call him "the man who many people say will be the next World Champion - or will he?"

    SID VISCOUS v. THE WALL - Sid Vicious is on the cover of the new WCW Magazine - be sure and read "Sid's World" cure insomnia, perhaps. Oops, sorry. Sid takes a little longer with his entrance this week, doing a lot more of those fist touches. Hey, remember when these guys were friends? Big boot from Sid, blows to the head, off the ropes, big boot. Clothesline to take him out of the ring. That Benoit match might have been great, but watch it again and you'll see only ONE man does the moving for the last two thirds of the match. Just sayin'. Sid goes outside and drops Wall on the barricade. Barricade again - chair - chair - chair. To the commentary table and over. Tenay: "Jesus!" Schiavone: "All right, we're outta here." Vicious with a BOTTLE OF WATER TO THE HEAD! Vicious back in the ring and Mickey J. puts on the count. Crowd chanting "Sid". Wall across the top rope, Sid with a forearm across him to take him back to the floor. We now cut backstage where the NWO folks are having a meeting with the Mafia reps - well, after we get the cue. Nash asks Vito if he knows Vinnie Vegas - ha ha! Nash asks the three to kick Sid's ass, then get him some grinders. Meanwhile, back in the ring, there's a chokeslam. 1, 2, 3! (2:54) Wall's offensive moves this match: zero. And to think he was the Mystery Partner! JOHNNY "THE BULL" is out - choke, gutshot, powerbomb. BIG VITO is in - why do these guys try to attack him black ninja style? Three on one is the only way to make this work! Vito working the kung fu style, Sid counters with the gutshot and powerbomb. Disco Inferno - decides not to get in the ring.