AMC Renault Alliance GTA 1987 USA

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par 1xmaw

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Présentation de la Renault GTA 2L en 1987

4 commentaires

Yes, i've got a problem with the provider, it will be open next week.
Par 1xmaw il y a 5 ans
Is your site down? I just tried to go there and got an error message.
Par Richard Williston il y a 5 ans
Thanks, this video came from the AMC Renault Sales Training Laserdisc, you can contact me through my website
Par 1xmaw il y a 6 ans
Great video, I'd love to get a copy of it. Where did you find it? I owned a GTA sedan when they first came out and loved it. Recently I bought a convertible to restore. Still a great car.
Par Richard Williston il y a 6 ans