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    Authenticity of the Bible for Muslims


    by nighthawk7878

    According to Muhammad, the Bible is a scripture from God. He knew that the Jews were the keepers of the Hebrew scriptures, the Old Testament. He knew that the followers of Jesus, Christians, were the keepers of the Greek scriptures, New Testament. He knew that the Christians honored and claimed the Hebrew scriptures also. He never spoke anything against either scripture. Central banks move to calm markets Asia stocks halt free fall after banks' concerted effort to stimulate global economy Britain announces bank rescue plan Iceland financial problems persist Arab markets continue to dive Iran economic immunity Reacting to the financial crisis Obama 'widens lead' after debate McCain slipping further behind rival opinion polls indicate US admits Afghan civilian deaths More civilians died in US attack on village than previously reported, report finds Russia completes Georgia pullout Bush signs India nuclear deal Deadly attack on Iraqi courthouse Ukraine parliament dissolved Pakistan's spy chief addresses MPs Africa Mauritanian police break up protest Somali mortar attack claims lives UN urges action on Somalia piracy Guantanamo release angers Bush Asia Pacific Malaysia PM to step down Troops patrol Bangkok after clashes Maldives votes in presidential poll Europeans perish in Nepal air crash Europe Central banks fail to stem sell-off UN seeks court opinion on Kosovo Middle East Deaths in Egypt building collapse Arab markets continue to dive A woman wrapped in an ANC blanket South Africa split Why ANC rebels are turning their backs on the ruling party Pakistani people walk along the main road that leads to the troubled area of the Swat valley in northern Pakistan Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Swat diary Torched schools and power cuts in Taleban country Capt Leon Boyea of North Slope Police Department Bootleg bounty? Alaska's restrictive alcohol laws, and their consequences Sarah Palin Distributed by Tubemogul.