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    Bridal Film Short | Josh & Lisa


    by MovingPixelFilms

    Josh & Lisa were so much fun to film for this Bridal Film Short. From the moment the camera was rolling, they had so much fun with it. In fact, I could've made a whole separate film short with just the outtakes! When we do a Bridal Film Short, I do as little directing at first and as time goes by, we hold out the stops and see where it takes us. I find that this makes for a more interesting film. The beauty about these film shorts is that we film them in locations that are meaningful to you. It's my goal to film and edit in a way that really captures the spirit of the couple I'm filming. The more freedom I have in directing, the more I'll film interesting shots. It's all up to you. Doing this unscripted is so much fun. I never know how the final product will come out and that's the best part for me. This is art!!