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    Quality Child Care For Parents-What Parents Need To Know

    Angie Smith

    by Angie Smith

    Quality Child Care For Parents - What Parents Need To Know I am just one of many professionals who have worked over the years to achieve excellence in child care. I have always been one to make sure I have the facts before making assumptions or conclusions about any topic. With this in mind, the book I've written is a compilation of the research I have studied, along with my personal experiences that I have used to draw conclusions about the state of child care in the United States. There are many books out there that are written from the perspective of someone who doesn't have an inside view of what child care is really like. I've written this book to give you an insight to the child care world from the perspective of a veteran child care worker. I also hope it will help parents with some basic guidelines to help you along your way. Parents & Child Care - What Parents Need To Know About Child Care