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    Brad Armstrong vs. Scotty Flamingo (clips)


    by Stinger1981



    And to think, Armstrong only had a two month push and then went back to jobber status. Flamingo had a good push going, but Bill Watts really didn't know what he was doing, he stripped him of a title, only to have Armstrong wrestle within the next month. The title was vacated just because he couldn't make a title defense, normally in a situation like that, the champion must forfeit the title to the challenger. At least that was the WCW rule from November 1991 when Sting got injured if they couldn't wrestle by bell time.
    By Chad7 years ago
    Jack Smith
    Heaven knows why Flamingo dropped the belt so quickly to a solid yet bland worker like Armstrong. Match looked good from what we see of it, shame it never aired in its entirety. Great post Stinger!
    By Jack Smith7 years ago