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    Hello, this is an announcement concerning PB-Redemption, which has been removed without explanation, and we’ll try to give you one.
    dear PB-Redemption members,
    our forum provider decided to end our collaboration without warning, because we didn’t respect the charter. we can understand why they did it, but not the way did it : at least they could have given us the time to warn our members.
    the Staff is stuned because as you know, more than a passion the forum was created by a deep friendship between us borned with the first forum.
    we know that the lost is also important for you : the forum wasn’t just a place to find informations, but also a meeting point for people all around the world.
    a strong and respectful friendship was bonded between you and us.
    we wouldn’t have the time to join the show until its ends, and this will be the hardest thing for us.
    we didn’t want to think that someday this adventure would end… others have done it for us, and we didn’t have the time to thank you for trusting us.
    so the season ends for us, on this last episode, and the adventure too.
    see you soon on other forums
    you can use this mail to contact us :
    or come to register on the new forum séries addict
    best wishes, your Team