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    Rick Ross - Swagga Like Us ( Freestyle )


    par DaDDy_sHug_1972

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    Rich Mundo
    Ross Lets do it B.I.G. like Chris Topher, FUck the TOFU, Straight Meat EAter, Got the Hanes, But Not a WIfe Beater, Jail just to see who sale, who got weight, Still dont snitch, Get Stitched, Tell that Gay Homosexual lil Dude, it aint snitching if you a Rat, Kill em Like the Victory Rat Traps, So the lames in the Trap, I rep Athens with the Bulldog, Yall Rep the club off of Peachtree. Im not homophobic, Im Judasphobic, Scared of Being Stabbed in the Back, Not Speaking of Rape, so Tell them Niggas to put back on Bapes, Girls say hey babe, I keep walking ,quiet grown, just like The Female, Age aint nothing but a number, The Younger the Legal, the Maturer the Persona, the Better, Might get a Sauna. WHattup Paulina Rubio, Freestyle, not for Free, but free from being confined by Style, Im So Versace, Not African, but im SO Gucci, thats Two G's with out any wishes being Granted
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    c'est MIA ki chante swagga like us !! tu trouv osi cet zik sur le nouvel album de ti
    Par rim-kIl y a 7 ans
    quelqu'un sait qui chante "like us" ( titre et artiste )la muzik de fond.
    merci de rpdre ici
    Par tmuller22Il y a 7 ans
    je frais le mm pendentif ke lui keep thuggin'
    Par madayouthIl y a 7 ans
    rien a voir
    c TI qui a fais cette musique c'est sur son album paper trail
    mais ya effectivement kanye et Jay z sur ce son
    Par karukera69971Il y a 7 ans
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