how to grind herbs


by pushmymix

1 115 views how to grind herbs? well, this is the best way to grind herbs for a home personal usage. first you need your herbs, if it is medicinal herbs or smokable herbs like knaster or marijuana and weed, it doesn't matter ; the herbs must be dry though. so now that you got your herbs you will need a herb grinder.Herb Grinders can be found almost everywhere and there is a big variety, here we will use the mix and ball grinder or as they like to say it mix'n'ball. okay, lets get movin, load the grinder with the herbs, you must pay attention not to over load the herb grinder as it will stuck. another thing which is very important, do not load the female part, if you will do so the herbs will clog the grinder very fast. when you load the grinders in the male part the herbs will be in the pocket and will not get stuck between the grinder parts. the grinder is now loaded, lets close the lid and start rotating the part to two directions, this will create better results in shorter time compare to turn the grinder to one side only. the more you twist , finer the grind will be. it depends on your personal preferences how much to grind. some would like it to be fine powder and some will like to be chunky. here are some tips: if a grinder is stuck you can always put it in your freezer and than open it, by freezing the grinder all the resin can be braked out. another nice tip: keep it clean, a clean herb grinder will last longer. you can clean the grinder using a grinder cleaner, the purlizer is a very good grinder cleaner. it cleans plastic and metal grinders as well. so the best the grinder is by using a HERBAL GINDER.