Bradbavarde - Landmark Education Pay up vs Pay off


by lgattruth


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Peter Gales
Sir,You are completely entitled to your opinion, but please do your research before sharing your pov. Your source does not know very much about Landmark and he or she has provided you with terms that do not exist at Landmark. You are creating an impression that Landmark is an organization that is somehow making people "drones" which has no basis in reality. Landmark's work lands for different people in different ways. There is your reaction on one end and there is the reaction of people who go full-bore into sharing the value they received at Landmark. I have been involved with Landmark for many years, and I have never been asked to give them all of my money (there course prices are quite competitive with other personal growth courses), or to do anything inappropriate. They do specialize in pushing people's buttons though. Just look at what they've done to you (and myself as well). The value comes from pushing beyond your resistance. I wish you completion. Peter
By Peter Gales7 years ago