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    Bulgarian Folklore. Rhodope Songs (3)


    by Rodoparion

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    Rhodopes - Songs of the Muslim Bulgarians. - R.Kushleva

    Родопите - Песни на българите мюсюлмани.
    - изп. Р.Кушлева


    The Pomaks (Bulgarian: Помаци, Pomatsi; Greek: Πομάκοι, Pomaki; Turkish: Pomaklar) or Muslim Bulgarians (българи мюсюлмани), also known locally as Ahryani, are an Islamized Bulgarian population of the Rhodope region, as well as some villages around Teteven in the central Balkan Mountains region. They are Bulgarians who converted to Islam during the period of Ottoman rule in the Balkans. The term can also be occasionally used to refer to the Torbesh - Slavonic Muslims in Macedonia. Pomaks are settled mainly in Bulgaria, but large communities also live in Northern Greece, Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia.