what is an herb grinder

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http://store.mixnball.com What Is An Herb Grinder? An herb grinder is made out of metal like aluminum or wood to grind herbs and spices into small pieces, so they can be added to food and eaten. Some types of herb grinders are very good at grinding marijuana buds into smaller size particles. Herb grinders used to prepare marijuana are also called bud grinders. After properly grinding marijuana with an herb grinder, it will burn more evenly when rolled into a joint. And because it is broken down into small particles, it will not poke holes in rolling paper or pre rolled cone. The smaller particles of marijuana are suitable for rolling into a joint, smoking in a pipe or vaporizer, sieving to produce hash, or for some purpose that requires finely ground marijuana. If you break up marijuana with your hands or with scissors prior to rolling it into a joint or using it in some other way, you should try using an herb grinder instead. Prior to first using one, I thought they were some kind of toy that costed money, but didn't really serve any purpose. However, after first using one, anyone who rolls joints (or needs to break up buds) will appreciate what they do, especially an herb grinder-pollenator that also collects hashish powder. Of all the tools available to help make rolling joints easier, this is one of the best values for your money. They are legal and available worldwide. some HERB GRINDERS are made from metals such as aluminum, there are no herb grinders in world made from titanium, this metal is very expansive and even harder to produce. metals are toxic and there is one company, mix n ball, which apply organic layer on the grinder so it is toxin free. the first herb grinder i saw was in asia, india. this places are well know to their medicinal use of herbs so i guess this kind of way to grind herbs is very ancient. i heard once the museum the fumer in paris has a picture or an actual herb grinder which is very old. people who listen to reggae music or house and trance usually smoke marijuana and they ...


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