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    Doctor Who - Masters of War

    Steven Pearson

    by Steven Pearson

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    Another video that I made, that actually features yours truly providing voice work!

    like most of you when I saw the Stolen Earth/Journeys End two part finale I like a great many of us were hoping it would give some concrete facts about the Timewar and while it didn‘t give us any real great insight to anything, it did give us a few nuggets of knowledge principally Davros and his involvement in the war itself, thus with my usual intrigue, creative flair and way too much time upon my hands I made a video filling in the gaps for those like me that just cant leave things alone, saying that with all the vagueness that still surrounds the Timewar and Gallifrey and all that juicy stuff it leaves a lot of room for artistic licence and creative freedom for video makers such as myself and that can’t be a bad thing can it?