What a mess


by mmr421

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I thought that performance was absolutely great. Lorne Michaels is retarded.....what other reason could there be that a show based in New York City never had the Ramones, Cramps or Dead Boys perform
By 1967PontiacGTOLast week
Gern Blanston
That's the performance that got them banned from SNL? They sound way better than most of the shitty bands that have appeared on SNL over the years. Lorne Michaels must be retarded.
By Gern BlanstonNovember
Justin Wierbonski
just goes to show how fucking stupid the SNL execs were. This is pure gold.
George Ramskill
no idea why they got banned for this. it wasn't the greatest technical performance but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, the crowd liked it, and its a fucking top song.
Matthew says what I shoulda said, Damion. Thanks, Matthew! (And god knows I miss 'em too, even though the current 'Mats are better than I'd have expected.)
By annagranforsLast year
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