What a mess


by mmr421

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Ok, that was awful...I am guessing the people posting below are as insanely drunk as the Replacements are because that was utterly embarrassing....I can see why they got banned (and indeed, they were banned due to the horrid live performances, as they were drunk, forgetting and repeating lyrics and bumping into each other, and embarrassing the show).
By Damion Rowan Monday
The SNL ban had more to do with them trashing a dressing room and Bobby Stinson sh@t in an ice bucket and sent it down the elevator where the NBC tours were taking place. I agree, great performance. Love the anti-video for this song.
By Kcarl777 3 weeks ago
This performance is awesome! The changes in feel and the odd seven bar verse proves that however much they might have imbibed, it didn't affect their playing ability.
By Anthony Robustelli September
The can't appear on SNL because of this appearance???!!! How Stupid!
By Becky Newkirk May
SO they can't appear on SNL because of this appearance ??!! How stupid!
By Becky Newkirk May

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