What a mess


by mmr421

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just goes to show how fucking stupid the SNL execs were. This is pure gold.
no idea why they got banned for this. it wasn't the greatest technical performance but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, the crowd liked it, and its a fucking top song.
Matthew says what I shoulda said, Damion. Thanks, Matthew! (And god knows I miss 'em too, even though the current 'Mats are better than I'd have expected.)
By annagranfors November
"F-Up Elegance" by The 'Mats. Another horribly beautiful performance by a band that the industry could not package up pretty enough to sell to a mass audience of 80's kids too busy listening to marginalized top 40. Miss this band and this kind of music, perfectly imperfect, so much!
By Matthew Gerig November
Um, when did I say anything about what I thought of the band themselves? My post was clearly and specifically about their appearance on SNL, as per the (edited) video above. Their albums or any other performance they ever did is completely irrelevant to the conversation...I made no mention about what I think of them as a band in general nor did I reference any distaste of any albums or songs in their discography...
By Damion Rowan November
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