bird eats alka-seltzer

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brian davis
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What happens when a bird eats alka-seltzer? We aim to find out.


lol fake bird with firework inside.. cute LOL people threatening are so simple minded.
By Arnold G 2 weeks ago
Totally Fake
By jhodges77 2 years ago
If I could get a hold of you, you sick bastard, I would slice your balls off with a dull butter knife and force you to eat them. That way there would be no danger of you perpetuating your kind...not that anything like that is likely to happen Next to child abuse, animal abuse is the worst sign of a sick mind. Shame.
By fidelio_mam 2 years ago
I'm surprised you raging hoosier can even afford the bread to try this. Maybe you could try finding a job worth having rather than displaying ridiculous psychopathic tendencies on the internet. Enjoy your inevitable prison time. Sick fucks like you will always end up there, even if only for a little while.
By Nater123456 4 years ago