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    Finding True Love in 1950’s Movie Finding Marriage Partner

    When Nora wonders if she’s really in love with her boyfriend Jack, she goes to her mother for advice. Mom talks to Nora about the nature of mature love. Later, Nora gets a chance to test out her advice when she goes out on a double date with Jack, his brother Bob, and his fiancé, Jean. They go to a Chinese restaurant, but Jack is not adventurous enough to order anything but the leg of lamb, so Nora must share Lobster Cantonese with Bob and Jean. When Jack asks her about the new recording of the Brahms violin concerto, she is stumped. Slowly, as she watches “real” couple Bob and Jean, and reflects on her mother’s advice, she realizes that she isn’t really in love with Jack. She and Jack are happy to just be friends, and they make a roller-skating date for later on. This film offers a snapshot of the way love and relationships were perceived in a time now long past.