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    Conservative Scare Tactics Against Heavy Petting in 50s

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    How Much Affection?, a telling vintage social guidance film, discusses whether or not to indulge in “heavy petting.” When Laurie and Jeff get deeply immersed one night while parking, Laurie suddenly regrets her behavior and runs off to have a heart to heart with her mother. Timeless wisdom is delivered: “If you'll just slow down the rush and pressure of your feelings a little, then judgment has a better chance to take hold and guide you away from wrong behavior. When you can rely on judgment rather than emotion to rule your behavior, as you did tonight, then you'll really be grown up.” Resorting to scare tactics, gross depictions of different couple who went too far, got pregnant, and had to get married fly across the screen. How Much Affection? is a telltale conservative 1950’s film that makes for fascinating viewing today.