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    serena williams
    Awwwwwwwww christ its an episode of the fuckin simpsons jesus get over it move onn the comments im reading here are pathetic apart from celticboy the rest of yiz are a disgrace !!!! i could sit here all night slandering what other bastard countries put our country through but what goods that gonna do tell ye what all ye losers who are commenting on a topic ye know nothing about heres some movies for yiz to let ye know who the real bastards are watch "michael collins" watch "the wind that shakes the barley" watch "in the name of the father" then yiz can all choke on yer meaningless words fuckin wasters !!!!!!!!!
    By serena williams7 years ago
    The Famine is over we dont want you back
    By andy8 years ago
    Sam Ricketts
    You hate Our Crown but love our Half Crown
    We dont want you and yet you say you dont want us!

    The Famine is over, Why dont you go home?
    By Sam Ricketts8 years ago
    You must be so proud of your involvement in an illegal war in support of American imperialism that has resulted in the Torture, maiming & death of countless inocent civilians! Ya Hun Monkey-Bigot!
    By Kev8 years ago
    Sam Ricketts
    Just you and your brave " heroes " carry on killing young children out doing Christmas shopping in Warrington. You must be so proud!
    IRA= Cowards then, Cowards now, Cowards ALWAYS.

    By Sam Ricketts8 years ago
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