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    Humayun's Tomb - New Delhi


    by mtripper1

    This unique monument was built by Humayun’s widow Hamida Banu Begum in 1565 A.D. Designed by the Persian architect, Mirza Ghyas, Humayun's Tomb shows a marked shift from the Persian tradition of using coloured tiles for ornamentation. The tomb stands majestically at the centre of the enclosure and rises from a platform faced with a series of cells with arched openings and a square tower surmounted by a magnificent marble dome. Here, the noise of the neighbouring traffic is hushed to a soothing hum. The ancient trees and broken ruins pose as lush adornments to the sandstone glow of the mausoleum. Walking in the premises of this grand monument, you will be treated to different views of the garden along with the white marble cenotaph, hint of the sun’s radiance shyly filtered through the sandstone lattice. Travelogue found on the premier online travel website: