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    Iraq - For this we should be grateful ???

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    Warning: This video contains graphic images that are not suitable for children.
    Viewing is recommended for ‘Mature Audiences’ only !

    Within this video, I am narrating the beautiful Poem… “Children of War”… written by Gary Jacobson.

    Images used in the video, are from ‘EastSouthWestNorth: The Children of Iraq’

    I have often heard it being suggested that the People of Iraq should be grateful to Coalition Forces… for freeing them of the terrible suffering they had been forced to endure under Saddam Hussein’s Regime.

    When I look at the enormous price that the Iraqi People have been forced to pay, in order to be granted their (so called) ‘Freedom’… it leaves no doubt in my mind that ‘I was right to Protest against President George W. Bush’s Plans to Invade the Country of Iraq, back in the year 2003’ !!!

    Free the Iraqi People ?
    It is now more than five years since Iraq was Invaded.
    Millions of ‘Innocent Iraqi Civilians’ have been slaughtered… suffered serious injuries… made homeless… imprisoned behind razor-sharp wire… contaminated by Depleted Uranium… and run the risk of being blown to pieces by the thousands of ‘unexploded ordnance’ that remain scattered throughout the country !

    A ‘Free Iraqi People’ should not be measured by ‘a Dead Iraq’.
    Whilst the US Government continues to boast of how successfully it has managed to make Iraq ‘a more peaceful place’… we must spare a thought for the millions of Iraqi men, women, children, and babies, who are no longer in a position to ‘appreciate that peace’ !!!