Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage WWF Title

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Hulk Hogan defends the WWF title against Randy Savage, Toronto 4/23/89


I dunno if those taping main events are a good judge of match quality. After a four plus hour taping, most of the fans just wanna go home and the wrestlers kept it short.
By Rob Hawkins 3 years ago
when did hogan gain 17 pounds from 303lb to 320lb all of a sudden
By rosena08 4 years ago
This was the last great match that Hogan and Savage had. In the following months leading up to Summerslam and Wrestlemania VI, they engaged in a very poor series of matches across the country at Superstars of Wrestling and Wrestling Challenge tapings.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
It seemed like Savage beat Hogan by countout alot of times in the WWF and yet Savage lost most of his championships to Hogan and Flair lol.
By WWEFanatic22 6 years ago