Mikey Dread - Paradise

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Mikey Dread - Roots & Culture

pave the way

Record date : 1982

Album style : DJ, dancehall

Playlist :
Pave The Way
Reggae-Hit Shot
Roots And Culture
Sunday School
Knock Knock
(Open The Gate) Come In
Freedom Is Coming
(Dance) Face To Face
Forever And Ever
Everchanging World
Grove Carnival
Quest For Oneness
Time Waster
Relax - Enjoy Yourself
Have You Got A Minute To Spare
Dizzy (Herb Smoker)
Too Many Rules

Producer : Mikey Dread

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BULL IT !!!!! oooooooohhhhhh
Par Supakspert il y a 5 ans
Par spametan il y a 6 ans
..du très YEP..
Par Pepperonipizzadouble il y a 6 ans
..yep du lundi soir..
Par Pepperonipizzadouble il y a 6 ans