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    CAR v NY CSS-1 | EP 412 D | 2008 NA Regular Season

    "djWHEAT & Fatal1ty shoutcast the 1st half of this Counter-Strike : Source firefight between Carolina CORE & 3D New York during the 2008 CGS North American Regular Season from Episode 412 (aired 6/24/2008) broadcast live in HD only on DirecTV's Channel 101.

    Carolina CORE squad:
    Chad ""DAFF"" White
    Sam ""devour"" Chamma
    Mark ""masternook"" Torrez
    Cyrus ""org"" Habibi
    Sonny ""s0nNy"" Tran


    3D New York squad:
    Jon ""JUAN"" Mumm
    Michael ""method"" So
    Kyle ""Ksharp"" Miller
    Nick ""nicKn0iT"" Nowakowski
    Salvatore ""Volcano"" Garozzo for more videos!"