Swiss man flies solo across Channel using jet pack

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Good heavens, assuming, and I do, that the nasty sounding aside was a result of tone deafness rather calculatedly snide, could the newsreader, or whoever was responsible for that piece, possibly have made a poorer word choice here: " . . . it was cancelled because of bad weather, [Well, at least she didn't say " . . . cancelled supposedly because of bad weather"] but as you can see there were no such EXCUSES today."

A better choice? Let's see, how about: hinderance, difficulty, impediment; or perhaps something along these lines: nothing this time to forestall - - preempt / disallow / debar / preclude the possibility of / to thwart the attempted &c. In other words, the number of preferable alternatives to be found were, to say the least, abundant.
By Robert-Bob-Barr 3 years ago
99 ans apres notre heros : LOUIS BLERIOT !!!
By cesariot escartefigue 5 years ago
Feuilleter le profile dailymotion de silverjewel ma fais découvrir un truc ... Silver est completement barge, et j'ai pus voir le reportage de l'exploit de ce "Jetman" que j'avais louper car il l'avais repousser pour mauvais temps. Comme quoi certains profiles de fous on du bon
By Alexrollia 7 years ago
History in the making -

Aussie / Piping_lane16 ,

By piping_lane 7 years ago
Yay Fusion-man!
By kibijit 7 years ago
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