Buzz Killington A tribute


by Toninu

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Terrible tribute. Implausibly, you managed to buzz kill buzz killington.
By Hoosier260 November
Why did you waste so much time with the theme tune?
By Suzanne Ennazus last year
Lol wow too bad it took me 8 months to check back here, haha Pawns4mons you're a little whiny bitch and an idiot at the same time you should get a life instead of going around criticizing videos. What a fucking idiot or to relate to the film what a buzz kill =P
By Toninu 5 years ago
Pawns4Mons - You're a bigger kill than buzz killington... seriously dude, if the video bothered you that much then why the hell did you watch it... And I suppose you're one of the "Idiots" who watches Family Guy considering that you actually watched the video
By Zubz Haffajee 5 years ago
i actually went through with making an account just so i could post how terrible your video is.
You REALLY <(insert underline/bold here) have to replay the jokes twice and you didnt even have my favorite one with stuie, AND you kept showing me that mexican guy say "Is Funny". EVRYONE KNOWS FAMILY GUY FANS ARE IDIOTS BUT HAVING TO PLAY CLIPS TWICE????? seriously. i hate you. you will go down as one of the biggest idiots i have ever seen on the internet
By Pawns4Mons 6 years ago