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    Different Jobs for Men and Women in the 1940s Job Prejudice

    An amazing vintage film that illuminates the history of communications, Telephone and Telegraph is a phenomenal historical experience. As the film reveals, telegraph jobs were similar to those in the growing telecommunications field of the 1940s. There is stock footage of a late 19th century Western Union office and a Bell telephone, as well as a lot of great video of analog equipment. Most interestingly, the film also reveals the gender roles of the era when it divides the available telecommunications jobs up by sex, saying that some jobs just weren’t open to "girls." Men were encouraged to get a college degree, which would help them in their careers as engineers, couriers, executives, installers and others. Women, on the other hand, are told that they could work as operators, clerks, or secretaries. This vintage film illuminates the history of telecommunications like no other!