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    Iraq: Queer Fear - Gay Life, Gay Death


    by GWB-

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    I see this video misleading the viewer in many aspects, starting from the faulty claims on the Islamic judgment on homosexuality to relating abusing militias to Islam. this led me to wonder how related is this video to the average propaganda dosage against the Arab and the Islamic world people have to take.

    Trying to adapt a different lifestyle to a different culture will not result to harmony. It would only lead to more hatred and more killing in whatever form you want to call it (Jihad, terrorism, freeing a country). so I personally think it is about time that the Arab and the Islamic world is to be left to handle itself by itself not with the help of other countries. just to make a point, if history is to be revised, not a single recent Arabic war started without the influence of another ''third'' party. I am not trying to point fingers at anybody. Arabs are not all Muslims, Arabs include Muslims, Christians and Jews believe it or not.
    By abufoff7 years ago
    Very informative, but I believe we're all aware that most people of delusion (a.k.a religion) are wont to preach hatred.
    By GingerNuts100007 years ago