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    ANN Poses The Final of Three Questions For The Cirrus Community As previously noted, the 2008 COPA 'Migration' (M6) happened to be a GREAT place for ANN and Aero-TV to gauge the mood and feelings of the Cirrus community... about the organization that has gained such a sterling rep throughout GA, about the realities of GA travel... and whether there is an undercurrent of 'jet envy' among the crowd of fast-moving piston drivers. The third and final time around (for now), though, we had top ask a question that was on everyone's mind in the scant few days since the first flight of Cirrus design's LONG-awaited single Jet, the Vision SJ50.... Is There a JET In YOUR Future? COPA's annual "Migration" is hosted by owners and flyers of the Cirrus Design flock. Gathering in the shadow of the CD factory in Duluth, Minnesota, it is an event chock full of fun, fellowship, education and more than a few surprises. Exceptionally well organized, by ANY standard, the event hosts hundreds of planes, flyers and exhibitors -- and rarely leaves any attendee looking for more. That said, the annual COPA Migration is obviously THE biggest event of the year for Cirrus pilots. In early July 2008, hundreds of Cirrus aircraft flew in from all over the country (and beyond) to return to the "nest" to take advantage of an extensive and varied roster of activities for the pilots AND their families. Migration events include a number of unique and highly-anticipated evening social events, numerous seminars and presentations, and an extensive trade exhibition. The Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is a not-for profit membership organization established to educate, promote the safety of and support the owners and pilots of certified aircraft manufactured by Cirrus Design Corporation, encourage ownership of these aircraft and provide social activities for its members. Additionally, COPA will promote goodwill towards the general aviation community. Founded in 2001, with over 2800 members worldwide, COPA is a volunteer-run ...