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    Amazing Grace- Ruby Wilson Climax JB Japan 1995

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Amazing Grace –Ruby Wilson /Climax Jazz Band Japan 1995
    This clip represents the last tune of our concert on October 15 1995 in which we play together with a carillon and a Memphis blues singer. Ruby Wilson sang Amazing Grace and the musician in the carillon tower was Dr. Jack Maassen from the Netherlands.
    We were invited for this series of events by a spiritual cultural organisation of about 500.000 people by the name of Shinji-Shumeeikai. This organisation was under the leadership of Mrs Koyama. We see her in this clip together with her mother who was the wife of the originator who had started this group I believe in the nineteen thirties.
    In our Canadian band playing for this crowd of about 8000 specially invited members:
    Bob Erwig cornet, Pieter Meijers clarinet, Len Gosling trombone, Jack Vincken banjo, Chris Daniels bass and Jamie Aug drums.
    Ruby Wilson comes from Memphis, she often holds at B.B. King's, the epicenter of nightclub entertainment in the Mid-South. When she's out of town, she might be singing at the White House, or at a renowned jazz club in Switzerland, or on a luxury cruise in Asia.