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    Instrumental Jay Z "dead presidents"


    par grand.B

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    Par grand.BIl y a 6 ans
    Samir Bakr
    le meilleur qui est rapper sur cet instru c big brother hakim en hommage au MC EAST freestyle sur radio nova elle est introuvable j arive pas a la trouver si qqn en entend parler peace
    Par Samir BakrIl y a 7 ans
    Putin Kennedy il a ait une zik sur cet instru elle tue trop la zik c'est
    kennedy - la rue te guette
    Par x-fashion-26Il y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    Do I look like im playing boy? I don't got a gameface, I got a kill face, with an unruly mug. Jay-Z yeah he in the dope game, but to what degree, he out for dead presidents to represent he, Im out for living presidents to Pardon Me, Whattup Barack, Thats right break down the first name, Thats Suicide, She Aint even really the middle, yall got to many wives, too many baby mammies, Okay we go in that arabic text, No longer we screaming Faith, Just Allah, But I say God, Cause my family got a way with words, now woof be gone, Yall harry Potter, Im on another channel Like, Dinar Talk, Rush Horas, or Despierta America---Ha Funny, Nothing funny about me not getting this money, Fabolous, thats his line, I dont bite, homes shine, CUz know the Sun need the Moon, in order to Shine as bright as we know it, conceive it, Send Money down to the darkside, we dont call it laundry matting, We call it OUR THING
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    stp envoie la moi stp !! j ferai bien un son dessus ! merci !!
    Par roxane-31Il y a 7 ans