UNITAS: a Film by Kostis Bassogiannis - small 30 secTrailer

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In Unitas, the famous harbor of Eutopia, alias Utopia or New Ampelos, or New Atlantis, also Known as International Community or Free World, or Kithera and numerous other wonderful names, a large number of citizens live in wealth, happiness and order. A larger number of people live as Chris and Lily do. People are dancing and singing in the streets of UNITAS under the influence of an illegal orange – red drug. Sometimes they want to fly, but there is nowhere they can go.

The trains always leave UNITAS without Passengers.

Director: Kostis Bassogiannis
Script-writer: Spiros – Antreas Papadatos, Kostis Bassogiannis
Cinematography: Kostis Bassogiannis
Camera: Kostis Bassogiannis – Zoe Manta
Music: Akis Theotokatos
Drums: Nikos Touliatos
Sound: Teo Babouris
Set design: Spiros Andreas Papadatos
Costumes: Katerina Prokopaki
Editing: Kostis Bassogiannis
Assistant Director: Zoe Manta
Stage Director: Giorgos Kaloxilos
Makeup artist: Maria Papageorgiou
Casting: Fotini Meletea, Marianna Kontouli
Production manager: Petros Papakyriakou
Producer: Kostis Bassogiannis, Mandoo cinema

Spiros Andreas Papadatos, Katerina Savrani, Athina Pappa, Nikos Touliatos, Renos Mantis, Larissa Vergou, Panos Garbis, Drorjije Petrovic, Eugenia Deliali

Chris, a drug dealer, and Lily, a prostitute, live in the forgotten port town of UNITAS. Lily wants to leave behind the misery they live in. She wants to fly far away. Chris is hesitant and fearful. Lily abandons him. Chris realizes he can not live without her, “Ok, we’ll fly”. Lily is now fearful. In the port of Unitas, Chris and Lily prepare to spread their wings and take flight, risking it all. Will their strength last, or will it fade? How strong are the wings and will of Chris and Lily? Will they take flight? Will they crash and burn, falling once more in the poorly woven nest that is called Unitas?

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teleio h tainia prepei na einai pio elkistiki kai tha tin do me tin proti efkairia otan anevei stin megali othoni megale kosta eisai o kaliteros ton kaliteron
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