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    Violently Racist Anti Japanese WWII Movie on the B29 Bomber

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    Birth of the B-29 is an astonishing World War II propaganda film fraught with anti-Japanese racism and pro-American production of the “super fortress” B-29 bomber. The movie sets the Japanese up as an enemy known for their brutality, showing executions and other scenes of carnage. Then, the narration informs us that the way to win against such a ruthless foe is through air power, with America’s deadly new bombers. “The wing is so light a girl could lift it with about the same effort as adjusting a flower in her hair!” - such is the wisdom of this antiquated film. The B-29 was larger, could carry more, and fly farther without needing to refuel than any previous war plane. The footage of the factory, where workers “from all walks of life” labored together, shows laborers stopping to gaze at the skies and listen for the “music” of the planes flying overhead. The scenes of mass scale machinery and production are breathtaking. This gorgeous footage and information, combined with the horrible racism, make Birth of the B-29 a captivating experience.