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    Are You An (MLM) Power Influencer


    by chrishills23

    HTTP:// Chris Hills 774-573-0570 Are looking to become a person of influence in your Business, Are you seeking more influence with your Team? With your prospects? With your connections? With your associates and co-workers? Have you ever thought about what elements go into being an influential person? Here is the list, BUT don't just listen to it - compare yourself and your skill levels to it, so that you can develop your understanding AND your status at the same time. A power influencer is: Smart. A person who can reason, and be reasonable. A person who can think in terms of answers, rather than fret over circumstances. Someone who sees the big picture, rather than the immediate urgency. Shrewd. Beyond smart, a shrewd person sees an answer and a game plan to implement it. And the implementation is seen in favor of the other, rather than in favor of themselves. It doesn't mean that you give up your winnings (earning, commission, money), it does mean that everyone wins, not just you. Knowledgeable. Beyond smart, a knowledgeable person knows what's going on in detail. Product knowledge, service knowledge, and experience. Not just how to work it - but how to use it to profit and produce. Successful. A person who has completed tasks successfully, and had successful outcomes. a person who let's their record speak for them. A Winner. A person whose history shows they know how to win, and they've won more often than they've lost. Full of Answers. Influencers do not always push. Often they are called upon because an answer is needed, and the caller has confidence or faith that the influencer knows the right answer, and knows the best answer. Someone with ideas that work. Ideas based on past experience, ideas based on best possible answer, and ideas based on a firm understanding of the circumstance, will create influence enough to be accepted and implemented. Creative. Creativity is the mother of ideas. A creative person has studied creativity and combined it with the ...