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HELLO WORLD – Defetto (Italy)
Defetto is an italian audiovisual artist, working with generative strategies. His main focus is the AV synesthesia, also known as visual music.

Hello world is a realtime AV synesthetic and generative performance. Ableton live play the sound, vvvv render the video. everything is based on midi signal, which is generated directly inside vvvv.

SANTAFANTA – NellaTestaGomma (Italy)
NellaTestaGomma is an itinerant collective of Rome dedicated to live audio-visual performances and to the realization of audio/video installations. The collective is composed by diverse elements and influences: Giuseppe Stellato (sound artist), Mariano Felisio (musician), Nicola Di Roma (director and cut editor), Dario Amoroso (composer) and Gabriele Gravagna (filmmaker).

MANSCAPE – Etichettadiscografica (Italy)
Etichettadiscografica is a group of peaple that experiments the potential of livemedia...
The performance Manscape, is the synthesis of what the contemporary man would see around him if only he could really see.

8GB – Akira (Argentine)
8GB is an audiovisual set developed in 2004 as a natural flow of Akira's activities both visual and musical, and his fixation with old computer hardware utilized in modern working environments.

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