The Day the Earth Stood Still - for Keanu & DJ AMAYA

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This video is mostly made from still of the upcoming remake of the 50's The Day the Earth Stood Still. This video was made of picture I edited for a "special effect" Jason Parrish aka "DJ Amaya" has allowed me to use his music creations for my videos. The first original song written, performed and produced by DJ Amaya (Jason Parrish) is called "When the Snow Melts". I thought it fitting a song for a movie about the earths environment. Jason plays some amazing electric guitar and keyboarding here. It fit these pictures well. The second one is called "Motion Sensor" Equally intense and wonderful musical skills are shown here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This is only my second video so forgive me for not knowing how to do all the tricks yet. Maybe someday when Jason isn't on some show he can actually visit and teach me how to use my computer. But the way things are going for him...It is not likely. His 26th birthday was on Sept 3rd of this year. He is a very talented musician, singer, song writer, producer and now is moving up in the ranks as a DJ. You can vote for him as one of your favorite DJ's the dj list site. In just less than a year he has moved up over 4000 spots. This is for all the DJ's in the world. And so he should be proud because he does this without even being signed. Feel free to drop him a line of what you think of his music. I am sure he would love to hear from you. If you want to download his originals tracks or remixes you can visit his myspace page just type in djamaya after the url for myspace to get to his profile. He is always happy to answer any questions to his growing number of fans. He also DJ's at Anime Conventions which have brought in huge crowds. I believe he is here on YouTube as DJAMAYAOFFICIAL If you want to check out more of his Japanese Remixes.