[The Game] 911 is a Joke (Cop Killa)

Patrick Bateman
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I'ma muthafuckin' animal cannibal hannibal lecter
silence the lambs with a .45 in my hand
knock a muthafuckin' cop toothless
payback's a bitch 4 that Rodney King shit
16 years later a muthafuckin' madman
louder than the drums in the California bandstand
head nigga in charge hnic
that's me
born in raise in the Cpt
I get funkier than the funky drummer in the Roots band
stomp harder than muthafuckin' Jodeci boots and
I get psycho
shoot like Michael
when I say fuck the pigs I ain't talkin' 'bout white folk
so don't get offended
or apprehended my ak-47 back with a vengence
so shine them fuckin' lights in the back of my car
I might kill yo ass in 2000 raw

cause I'ma cop killa
911 is a muthafuckin' joke [x4]

I'ma nigga with a additude the human grenade
the beastie boys when I grab a fuckin' mic on the stage
I get wicked
kick shit like I was born with a muthafuckin' soccer field on my lawn
stay with the 8ball
like MJG
I hate the muthafuckin' pigs cause them pigs hate me
and I should kill 51 cops
for the 51 shots
that they gave that fuckin' kid in New York
I'm mad
that the KKK traded the sheets and the robes for a gun and a muthafuckin badge
and I ain't never shot a cop but if they do me like Huey P Newton
I'm pullin' glocks
I refuse to let a pig run away from a farm
and put them muthafuckin' handcuffs on my arm
I bet the government got Obama in the scope
cause 911 is a muthafuckin' joke

San Quentin to Rikers, Folsom to Susan
the pen ain't nothin' but a family reunion
full of niggas that don't give a fuck about a bad cop
that Denzel in Training Day shit'll get yo ass shot
cause in 2000 raw we ain't playing that
you scared of us we scared of ya'll so we staying strapped
before I let a muthafucka kill me in the streets
it'll be a gold plated badge under them sheets
cause you muthafuckas corrupted
can't be trusted
bullet-proof vest wearing always on that tough shit
punk ass police pull me outta my seat
what make a muthafucka wanna plant drugs on me

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