In Flames - Cover - Bullet Ride (Live Version)

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Da Schehf !!!

von Da Schehf !!!

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Hey i think you are great i was wondering if you write down the tabs when you listen to it by ear.....if you do could you please send me the tabs for acoustic medley and clayman...i would really appreciate it. keep rocking!!!!!
Von dragonforce1781Vor 7 Jahren
Joe Clout
Awesome Schehf, as always. Watched all you're videos now and I love listening to them. Hows the new guitar? Looks nice! Keep it up.
Von Joe CloutVor 7 Jahren
FUCKIN A BRO!!!!!!! You Kick mucho ass!!!!!!

Oops...forgot to give you 5 stars....there you go....kepp rocking bruh!
Von JesseVor 7 Jahren
Amazing comme d'habitude, dans mes favoris!
Von PATATORVor 7 Jahren