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    Cover - Re-Align - Godsmack


    by guadalupebsh72

    I've never had a vocal lesson, so I don't have a conventional warmup routine...I usually just pick a song and start going. This is one of the ones I like to sing first to get a little gruff in my voice. It's probably not a good thing to do, but I guess i'll find that out when my vocal cords burst out my throat one day...

    Check out my playlist titled Originals for some original songs! In this playlist, it is me and my best friend, Tony, doing an acoustic set of some of our original songs.

    Me in my garage messing around with some Karaoke. This is my rendition of Re-Align by Godsmack. If you have shitty PC speakers, give headphones a try for a better sound. If you'd like to see more, i'll be uploading a bunch of these...just have a look at my profile.

    I'm using a Sony Cybershot(DSC-P200) 7.2 megapixel camera to shoot the video...wanted to see how good it would sound in an enclosed room with the music blaring. While it's no professional recording, I cannot believe how decent the sound came out on this CAMERA video...about 2 feet from the blasting speakers too.

    Sound system consists of:

    Yamaha EMX88S Powered Mixer
    2x Yamaha S115V Speakers