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    Prizerebel Guide/Tutorial


    by sportslegend720

    Go to this site to sign up and get your free stuff
    Prizerebel, is a site where you fill out surveys get points for filling them out and once you have enough points you can claim prizes like an xbox 360, ps3, wii, ds, psp etc... if you dont like those prizes you can even chose stuff off of amazon or ebay but on ebay it has to be a buy now but of course you have to have enough points to order those stuff. I personally got my 1600 Xbox Live marketplace points which is a 20 dollar value in stores for FREE yes for FREE thanks to Prizerebel, you dont even have to put in your address when you sign up, for prizes they will email you if it can be emailed like my xbox live marketplace 1600 code or if its a game they will then ask for your address and they will ship it to you and will take about a week from what i've heard, o and it took me about 2 days to receive my email with my code. If you have any questions will free to ask.
    I also obviously got my wii game super smash bros brawl. It is a great site so just try it out.