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    Lote Tuqiri smashes Jerry Flannery at the final whistle


    by Glorz

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    If you watched Saturday’s test between the Wallabies and Ireland all the way to the end, as I trust you did, you would have seen a few huge hits flying in from the home team as time ran out.

    Ireland, who had fought so bravely throughout, tried desperately to keep the ball alive and get down field for a winning score, but it was not to be, as the only big event at the end of the match was this devastating hit by Lote Tuqiri on Irish hooker Jerry Flannery.

    Flannery got a horrible high pass which he had to jump up to take. Lote saw the opportunity present itself, and flew in at Flannery, smashing him to the ground and giving the Victorian crowd something else to cheer about as their team came out on top.

    Watch the hit, and then keep an eye on Flannery as play goes on. This one really hurt, as I'd say most one on one encounters with Lote Tuqiri would.