Language a challenge for children returning to Burundi

UNICEF Television
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UNICEF correspondent Natacha Ikoli reports from Burundi on efforts to help refugee children embrace a new language and community.

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i was born in burundi and i do beileve that burundian are smart enough and i am not really worried with children because i do know they learn fast, however burundian do speak kirundi of course, swahili, french, some can even speak lingala and some arabic. so now those how rain away from the country due to the war, i will think from 72, however they may have been a lot more before that time they also do speak English, so why do we fight over a language know? i live in canada and i'm tutsi however i'm just burundian and i don't care who you are as long as you are a child you can do it baby and do not let any body to make you believe any think whether he or she is a teacher do not, even, if he is a politician, do not let them make you believe that you can't because you can baby so do so and be happy. love you kids.

you can do it.
By Nestor Ntahonsigaye 6 years ago