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Spyro 3 LP - Spooky Swamp

Sum Gai

by Sum Gai

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Send help! Do it now!
Stuck in Haiku factory!
Flare won't give me food!


If you fly across
the water towards the hole
shown on the right side

of the screen at three
minutes and nineteen seconds,
you can skip the bear.

A piranha might
injure you very slightly,
but you keep your loot.
By Denise Perry 2 years ago
j'aime trop se jeu je le revoudrer trop comme les deus autre spyro et autre jeu de playstation
By anais jadeau 4 years ago
It was hard to find
That purple gem with Sheila
This video helped
By MrKingXemnas 4 years ago
I hate this level;
Piranhas are real bastards!
Got fanfare anyway.
By Dragonatrix 6 years ago
There you go again,
Thinking like Insomniac,
Lots more gems for you.
By rpb86 6 years ago