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    Jeremiah Wright's Revenge... mocking Obama


    by General

    The video is about a dance between rivals. It is a requiem for both Jeremiah and Barrack and what they represent... a corrupt ideology called Marxism.

    Because more often than not, especially in politics, things are not what they seem. I was a fan of Barrack's... he was an inspirational speaker, had a ton of charisma and struck a chord of hope in all of us that he may have the answer - a post-racial leader. But then the going got rough when his friends and background were revealed. It is dark and nasty in terms of being president of the United States or any leader that believes in America..

    I am disappointed, I am a conservative, I believe in God, family, country and a strong military. I am a capitalist not a socialist. Barrack is a socialist heavily influenced by his parents, mentors and Jeremiah's Marxist ideals which have never worked.

    I was willing to give him a pass on some of that if he was true to his word in bringing the country together in terms of race and politics. With his mentor Jeremiah Wright and friends like Bill Ayers, a Marxist terrorist that killed people blowing up government building like the Pentagon and White House in the 1960's I can not trust Obama.

    He moved to Chicago not because of its climate but because of politics, he hooked up with Jeremiah to learn how to be black living in the south side of Chicago. It appears that he did this because of his desire to advance his Marxist agenda of taking from the successful, giving it to the lazy and skimming some off the top for himself. He joined Jeremiah's church not because of religion but because of politics,

    This country needs to be unified to win the war on terror and endure this economic rough spot we are going through. We can't do this with a bunch of leftover, disgruntled Marxist stirring up the pot and causing hate and divisiveness.

    Our issues of poverty, crime and gangs are too big to be left up to the failed policies of the last 45 years.