Copy mp3s from your iPod to your PC

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Hilikus and Tamak
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Hilikus shows you how to copy mp3s directly from your ipod to your pc using both Vista and XP. Without any extra software and totally for free!


hi again, glad to know that you are using camstudio also, but what vid editor are you using. I am making a tutorial for my company and so it needs to be well done.
Also, do you have any idea where we can upload in HD. I tried to upload an "original" movie about my works software, and yet it was rejected by motionmaker. Also, youtube isn't good for me, because it uses the same URL for normal quality as it is does for HD, therefore when I embed it on my website, it's the normal quality that I get. do you know of any other place that I could try. thanks in advance.
By ross hunter 6 years ago
nice vid, I always thought there would be an easy way, I just didn't figure it out. cheers.
also, what screen recording tool do you use for these videos.
At the moment I'm using camstudio and virtual dub (for editing). also, did you use zoomIt to zoom in, because when I use zoomIt, my audio starts skipping. any tips you can give me will be appreciated.
cheers again
By ross hunter 6 years ago