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    ALDE Hearing on food labelling


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    ALDE public Hearing "Efficient food labelling in fighting obesity"

    Event date: 11/06/08 15:00 to 18:30
    Location: Room ASP 3G3, European Parliament, Brussels

    In Europe, more than 50% of the adult population is overweight or obese, and more than 21 million children are overweight or obese. Nutritionists have stressed the relationship between energy-dense, nutrient poor foods and overweight and obesity. A comprehensive and clear food labelling system would improve consumers' ability to understand nutritional information and would help them make healthier nutritional choices.

    In the context of the proposal of the European Commission for a Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers, Mr. Magor Csibi and Mr. Jules Maaten will organise a public hearing to explore the different possibilities of food labelling and their efficiency in fighting against obesity. The hearing wants to be an opportunity to have an open debate with a wide range of stakeholders to have a better view of the interests at stake and to try to find the best solutions for the consumers.


    MEP's Concerned:
    Magor Csibi, Jules Maaten

    For more information:
    Miczki Tamara - Tel: +32 2 284 45 78

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